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TABIANO  Mirror light
EGLO TABIANO Mirror lightSKU:94615
Sale priceLE 1,725.00
In stock, 3 pieces
PANDELLA 2 Mirror light
EGLO PANDELLA 2 Mirror lightSKU:97059
Sale priceLE 1,370.00
In stock, 3 pieces
VISERBELLA  Table light
EGLO VISERBELLA Table lightSKU:98442
Sale priceLE 1,260.00
In stock, 8 pieces
Save 10%
MONGODIO 1  Wall / ceiling light
EGLO MONGODIO 1 Wall / ceiling lightSKU:94716
Sale priceLE 1,530.00 Regular priceLE 1,700.00
In stock, 17 pieces
Save 10%
CALNOVA  Wall light
EGLO CALNOVA Wall lightSKU:94712
Sale priceLE 972.00 Regular priceLE 1,080.00
In stock, 12 pieces
Mirror light
EGLO TABIANO Mirror lightSKU:94613
Sale priceLE 1,500.00
In stock, 8 pieces
Mirror light
EGLO TABIANO Mirror lightSKU:94614
Sale priceLE 1,100.00
In stock, 3 pieces
Save 25%
LED Mirror IP44
Sale priceLE 2,103.75 Regular priceLE 2,805.00
In stock, 17 pieces
Bath Wall light- IP44
EGLO PALMERA Bath Wall light- IP44SKU:87222
Sale priceLE 850.00
In stock, 10 pieces
Bath Wall light - IP44PALMERA 
Bath Wall light - IP44
EGLO PALMERA Bath Wall light - IP44SKU:87219
Sale priceLE 900.00
In stock, 21 pieces
GRANADA Mirror lightGRANADA Mirror light
EGLO GRANADA Mirror lightSKU:85816
Sale priceLE 775.00
In stock, 21 pieces
Save 10%
TABIANO LED mirror lightTABIANO LED mirror light
EGLO TABIANO LED mirror lightSKU:94612
Sale priceLE 886.00 Regular priceLE 985.00
In stock, 31 pieces
Save 10%
MOSIANO LED bathroom light
EGLO MOSIANO LED bathroom lightSKU:94629
Sale priceLE 1,296.00 Regular priceLE 1,440.00
In stock, 11 pieces

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