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We are the lighting designer and supplier for major commercial projects, in close partnership with top architects and interior designers in Egypt.

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Export Development Bank of Egypt

Dr. Khaled Nasr, architect, partnered with Reflection Lighting, to deliver a welcoming but soft lighting to the bank's clients. LED efficiency with a warm natural hue at key angles were the architect's most important requirements.

Gezira Compound & Plaza

Mahmoud Selim architect, partnered with Reflection Lighting, for enhancing lighting in outdoor areas for Gezira Compound and Gezira Plaza. For the Plaza, understated sophistication for the lighting and subtle exterior lighting was required.

Allegria Compound garden lighting

Sodic design department, worked closely with Reflection Lighting, for optimum garden lighting solutions in Allegria compound. Durability, subtle and economic lighting were prime objectives.

Beanos Mohandessin clear fresh lighting

Medhat Abdallah, architect, collaborated with Reflection Lighting, for delivering a restaurant ambiance that is both welcoming and efficient. The choice of LED spotlights was used extensively.

La Poire Mohandessin

Medhat Abdallah, architect, alongside Reflection Lighting created the right balance of light to show case the displays whilst having a high degree of eye comfort.

Energizer Head Office

Hossam Abul Fotoh, architect, consulted with Reflection Lighting as office lighting providers whilst designing the space for large HQ. Correct lighting enhances productivity, and reduces eye strain. A range of LED lighting solutions was considered.

Singapore Embassy

Dr. Khaled Nasr, architect, and Reflection Lighting teamed up together to create a tasteful ambiance for visitors at the Embassy. Exterior and interior lighting options were put in place.

MacDonalds Mohandessin

Nayer Elwy , architect, and Reflection Lighting came up with a contemporary lighting theme that gives out a friendly, upscale atmosphere.