Partners - Architects & Interior Designers

Reflection Lighting success depends on a global network of collaborations with well established architects and interior designers who share our vision of sustainability, quality and affordable design.


Dr. Mahmoud Nasr & Partners is a family owned consulting engineering design firm specialized in the architectural, civil engineering and interior design fields. Founded by late Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Nasr in 1960, it has developed throughout the years of its works into a wide range of engineering practice.

Dina El Khachab & Hedayat Islam | EKLEGO

Eklego Design was established in 2000 by interior designer Hedayat Islam, and architect Dina El Khachab. Eklego has designed over 200 projects all over Egypt and the Middle East, ranging from private residences to restaurants, retail spaces, and commercial offices.

Hossam Aboul Fotouh | DI-RECTION

Hussam Aboul Fotouh, architectural and interior designer, founded Di-rection Interior in 2006 to provide complete design solutions, architecture & interior designs and furniture design. His turn key projects include residential, commercial, corporate and hotels.

Medhat Abdallah | MAp

Medhat Abdallah & partners (MAp) became certified as a consultancy firm to better serve its vast array of clients from minimal projects to multi-use complexes. For over two decades, MAp has successfully completed private residences, residential towers, compounds, hotels and commercial spaces.

Nayer Fouad | ARKITECH

Arkitech, headed by Nayer Fouad, is an architecture, planning and interior design firm with more than 15 years of experience in residential, commercial and development projects, locally and internationally

Rania Fahmy | ARKAN

Rania Fahmy, interior designer and owner of Arkan Collection for furniture and interior design.  Worked in the interior design field for over 15 years,  designing residential and commercial projects.

Tarek Beshir | TB Architects

Tarek Beshir, founder of TB Architects, has been intimately involved in prestigious domestic and international projects and has undertaken various commissions in architecture, landscaping and interior design.